Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Creation through Alignment

“As God creates, so man creates. If man gives a certain concentration of will, the Shapes and ideas created in the Mind become subjective. Given a more intense and intelligent concentration of his Will the form becomes concrete, visible and objective, the Man has learned the Secret of Secrets. He is a Magician.”
Madame Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, had a great insight when she wrote these words in her monumental work “Isis Unveiled”.

In his book “Theosophy: A Modern Revival of Ancient Wisdom” Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn, explains the above passage as follows:
“She makes it clear that this power is built on the conscious control of the substrate of the material universe. She states that the key to all magic is the formula: "Every insignificant atom is moved by spirit." Magic is thus conditioned upon the postulation of an omnipresent vital ether, electro-spiritual in composition, to which man has an affinity by virtue of his being identical in essence with it. Over it he can learn to exercise a voluntary control by the exploitation of his own psycho-dynamic faculties. If he can lay his hand on the elemental substance of the universe, if he can radiate from his ganglionic batteries currents of force equivalent to gamma rays, of course he can step into the cosmic scene with something of a magician's powers. That such an ether exists she states in a hundred places. She calls it the elementary substance, the Astral Light, the Alkahest, the Akasha. It is the universal principle of all life, the vehicle or battery of cosmic energy. She says Newton knew of it and called it "the soul of the world," the "divine sensorium." It is the Book of Life; the memory of God, ---since it never gives up an impression. Human memory is but a looking into pictures on this ether. Clairvoyants and psychometers but draw upon its resources through synchronous vibrations.

According to the Kabbalistic doctrine the future exits in the astral light in embryo as the present existed in embryo in the past . . . and our memories are but the glimpses that we catch of the reflections of this past in the currents of the astral light, as the psychometer catches them from the astral emanations of the object held by him.”

This explanation was written in 1930 and we can see the struggles it has with concepts and technicalities though the fundamental process of how the human agency, through its mental faculties, participates as an extension and tool in the divine creative act. With today’s contribution from various disciplines in science, we have a better understanding of the great insight which Madame Blavatsky writes about.

The dark matter and dark energy of the cosmos, the Morphic fields of plant biology, the M-Theory of unification of all forces of nature all point to an underlying energy, which is not in the electromagnetic spectrum (and so it is not gamma rays or currents produced due to neurons in the brain), as the prime causation or implicate order of all creation. David Bohm, the great Physicist, coined the word ‘implicate order’. Due to the nature of interaction that is possible between man, as the being with the highest level of consciousness in the evolutionary ladder, and the implicate order itself from which he operates, a continuous evolution towards higher awareness is made possible. This awareness is the creative potential from which new forms or the future emerges. In making this statement one should accept with humility that he is not creating ex-nihilo but only aligns his individual consciousness with the cosmic consciousness, which is seen in a state of continuous evolution when viewed from a creature perspective. This we call magic. In reality all these ripples in the implicate order are magnified to magical proportion only when we are observing as creatures, but in the universal implicate order there is only unchanging equipotential.

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  1. We,the feminists always say that personal is political.An individual woman's struggles,image, experiences and exertions are directly linked to the prevailing order ,norms etc.Likewise alligning one's individual conciousness with the cosmic conciousness seems to be the final answer for the question,'Who am I?'.But this seems to be an impossible target for two reasons.One, the world is running madly on the other side and tries to attain fulfillment by boosting up self.On the otherhand there are too many schools of thoughts for the seekers of truth,to comprehend the right path.

  2. Conforming to the prevailing order is not creation. It is individuals like you who realign to a more fundamental cosmic order who create a new consciousness in society. Cosmic order is not some highly elevated state but it is the ground of being, a natural soul response which transcends socio-cultural diktats and addresses the common good in achieving peace, joy and a state of contentment.
    This journey can only be undertaken by individuals and as I had mentioned in my post on JK's philosophy is a pathless road. As you mention, it cannot be hurried as we have to address too many issues that face us today but the many individuals are already on this path of new creation.