Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nature of Human Evolution

“Considered cosmically, the Mystery of the Sun is contained in the nature of this evolution of humanity. The Divine-Spiritual Beings connected with his origin were united with that which — up to that important turning-point in his evolution — man was able to perceive in the Sun. These Divine-Spiritual Beings have separated from the Sun and have left there only the part of them that has died, so that the bodily nature of man can now receive through the Sun only the power of dead thoughts.” ……….. from ‘Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts’ by Rudolf Steiner

The words above are highly mystical in nature and come from an author who had a deep experience and insight into the process of human evolution beyond the physical level. The emphasis in studies of evolution has had a major focus on the physical dimension and only certain philosophers and spiritual masters had addressed the vital element of the life sustaining force which also is an active and indispensable partner in the process of human evolution.

I want to focus on the thoughts of Rudolf Steiner in this post. He had categorized human evolution in three major categories as evident from his writing.
“Man is a being who unfolds his life in the midst, between two regions of the world. With his bodily development he is a member of a ‘lower world’; with his soul-nature he himself constitutes a ‘middle world’; and with his faculties of Spirit he is ever striving towards an ‘upper world.’ He owes his bodily development to all that Nature has given him; he bears the being of his soul within him as his own portion; and he discovers in himself the forces of the Spirit, as the gifts that lead him out beyond himself to participate in a Divine World.”

A deeper study, with today’s science and technology, reveals that what drives the development and evolution of the 100 trillion cells in the human body, the mind or intellect which is the attribute of the soul nature and his attribute of buddhi or higher knowledge due to his spirit nature can all be all traced to one universal plenum which is Cosmic Consciousness. The understanding so far is that this Cosmic Consciousness exhibits itself as physical or sensory consciousness in the physical domain, a combination of physical and sub-consciousness (dream consciousness) at the mind or intellect level and in its pure form at the spirit level.
But current understanding from science points out that at the cell level, in plants, animals and humans, the operator is the cosmic field of consciousness which are given different names (such as morphic field in plant biology, universal unconsciousness as Jung call it or the Supermind as Aurobindo terms it). Hence the entire evolution is being driven in this cosmic field of consciousness.

Having put the frame of reference into more current context, now we can understand the deep insight of Rudolf Steiner. Prior to the transition in evolution from primates, early Homo species and then to Homo sapiens to the current level of spiritual man, man in his consciousness perceived divinity in the Sun. (It should be understood that this evolution is not an all embracing evolution of the species but currently restricted to a very small percentage of humanity.) This is the reason that Sun worship was very common in Pagan and other early spiritual practices. Once man realized his spiritual nature and started a journey towards the in-dwelling spirit, what he receives from the sun is the energy that only keeps his physical entity alive. This is through the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. These energies are also operating in the consciousness field and this is the reason that Steiner calls them ‘dead thoughts’ as the Sun’s energies operate in the physical domain and has no more utility in the spiritual plane.

This is the 100th post and so I wanted to share something close to my heart which is a deeper understanding of our spiritual nature through the operation of Cosmic Consciousness which in turn drives our evolution.

Love to you all


  1. Yes, the Sun is a living being, in common with all stars. As long as we do not understand the nature of Sun, the most important character in our movie, we can hardly hope to understanding how the rest of the plot fits together.

    The plot is advanced around this idea in my own new book, titled Sun of gOd. In it we discover a Universe that is organizing from the bottom up and not the top down. And while filled with design and intelligence, it is not in need of an Intelligent Designer.

  2. Gregory, thanks for your insightful observation. This is the core of thinking through an elevated consciousness that the Sun & all manifestations are from an organizing principle which is "from the bottom up and not the top down".
    Thanks for the link. I will visit it shortly.