Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Truth – A Divine Process

“My dear one, do not be overly troubled,
No one can burn the truth....
The words symbolize my marvelous Godhead.
It flows continuously
Into your soul from my divine mouth.
The sound of the words is a sign of my living spirit
And through it achieves genuine truth.
Now examine all these words---
How admirably do they proclaim my personal secrets!
So have no doubts about yourself.”
……. Mechthild of Magdeburg

Mechthild was a German medieval mystic and Benedictine Catholic nun who, in the thirteenth century, had a great insight into true spirituality. She wrote ‘The flowing light of the Godhead’ and the above passage is taken from this book. It is said that she was the inspiration for Dante to write ‘The Divine Comedy’

The above passage reflects the anguish of all true seekers and their experience of being marginalized and discarded. This fate was suffered by even the most enlightened souls. Most prophets of the Israelites were cast out and had to fend for themselves. This is the reason that Jesus says “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”… Luke 9:58
Realized Truth is a difficult entity to digest as the current status of the human psyche blocks this new level of consciousness. Every person who understands a deeper level of truth immediately becomes isolated from the mainstream due to non conformance to existent perceived reality. In modern times, this rejection happened to Galileo, Bruno, Teilhard Chardin and many more scientists, philosophers and thinkers. This is why in her vision Mechthild is consoled by God “My dear one, do not be overly troubled, No one can burn the truth....”

Truth is not a commodity. It is a plenum of existence from which the divine spirit flows. It is the outpouring of spiritual essence into all creation and manifestation. From a potency of existence into an actuality of form. This is the reason that the ‘word’ which is pre-existent in thought is given a form or meaning only in utterance through the ‘sound’ and is given as a process map for divine communication. This is the simple way of putting it in a human language. As the recipient of divine communication, the human soul once aware and tuned to this fundamental process, realizes in its innermost being what the sound and the words really mean. The words are the cosmic potentialities and the sound or emanation is its deeper manifestations known only to a realized soul.

In the few lines, describing her vision in which God speaks to her, Mechthild reveals a great principle.

Love to you all


  1. The pain of alienation from the rest is also the joy of oneness with the supreme being.This was my reflection when I went through the blog.Very often I realize that things that make others happy do not excite me.And if at all I try to identify myself with the 'normal ' goals of life ,I find myself a misfit very soon.Though one can not call herself to be a seeker of truth, just because she is a misfit in the material world, I'm positive that this may serve as a premise.

  2. Dear Christy,

    Beautifully put. I can feel your inner experience speaking. This alienation which you feel is what St. John of the Cross termed as 'Dark night of the soul'.
    But as you say it is the platform or premise from which further spiritual progress can be made.
    Thanks for the great insight.