Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sanctuary in All Creation

“As the World-Honoured One was walking with a congregation he pointed to the ground with his finger and said, "This spot is good to build a sanctuary." Indra, emperor of the gods, took a blade of grass, stuck it in the ground and said, "The sanctuary is built." The World-Honoured One smiled.”

………….Zen ‘Book of Equanimity’: Koan 4

Limitless in your divine choice,
A lowly entity you take to hand,
Then moulding with infinite wisdom,
You shape a colossal golden body,
A chalice of virtuous attributes,
You then plant and nurture him,
A mastermind in his own domain.
Every creation a purpose serves,
No matter how insignificant its role be.

Upon reading the above sited Koan from the ‘Book of Equanimity’, I wrote this verse. Koans send powerful messages to the seeker of truth.
Sanctuary has multiple meanings. A sanctuary is the consecrated area of a church or temple around its tabernacle or altar. An animal sanctuary is a place where animals live and are protected. In modern parlance the term is used to mean a place of safety. The Buddha, walking with his disciples, probably meant to indicate a place for the sangha where the protected atmosphere can be conducive for the teacher and the taught, a sacred place for seeking one’s own enlightenment.
It takes the divine mind of Indra to understand the meaning of what the holy one was trying to convey. In a simple and everyday act of making a blade of grass to sprout, he demonstrates the meaning that there need be no specific space-time to realise the absolute truth.

Coming to the verse, all creations are essentially from the very same fundamental constituent; namely vibrating energy. There are only 35,000 types of genes in every human being but yet the complexity of this life form is incomprehensible. Right from the genius of Einstein to the evil dictator of Hitler, from the spiritual masters like Jesus to the demonic Autocrat like Idi Amin, it is the same combination of genes. Yet the level of consciousness is so different.
Yeast, a lowly substance and a very simple life form, contains approximately 6000 genes which is one sixth of the human genome. Examine the functional spread at these two ends of the spectrum and we are left awe struck. But every creation has a purpose and discrimination based on the role we play is worst alienation that can happen to intended divine or cosmic plan. A blade of grass sprouting takes as much divine intervention as that is required for a disciple to achieve enlightenment.

Knowing this great truth the Buddha smiled.

Love to you all


  1. The blog on sanctuary is very close to some of my own experiences. My definition of sanctuary is where I feel completely at ease &where i'm accepted as I am.With my very close relatives, friends& my youngest students, I've experienced this unconditional 'at ease' moments.I do feel such moments are where we are in our own sanctuaries.

  2. Christy, thanks for your feedback. We all find our santuary in many ways. Some find it in comfort & power but others like you find it at a more meaningful and creation oriented domain. While the materialistic plane of comfort always leaves a void in the spirit, a creation based plane is fulfilling. This is the reason people like Matthew Fox, spend so much of their energy & time promoting 'creation spirituality'. Behind all miracles of Jesus there was underlying element of human concern.
    Enlightenment is not some sudden elevation of consciousness but a gradual process for most of us and what you are going through as an experience is a very important level in the elevation of human consciousness.