Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Today is the total Solar eclipse and we experience the sun going to sleep at an unusual time. This event evoked in my mind a stream of thought on the benefit of sleep of unusual nature.

We are all well aware of the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”. Just to recapitulate the essential elements of the story; we have the beautiful princess,Aurora, the wicked fairy God mother, the curse that puts the princess to sleep and then we have the happy ending of the prince who wakes up the princess with a kiss.

Everyday I receive a news letter from Science Daily with the latest discoveries and research findings in the area of Biology, medicine and cosmology. Yesterday an interesting discovery was announced by a team who is a part of a large European project known by the name “Sleeping Beauty Project”. They are studying survival of species in extreme conditions. The discovery is that ‘Arctic springtails’ dehydrate themselves in order to survive the worst of polar ice, snow and low temperatures, which can easily reach -14°C. They shrivel up into small husks until, when conditions become more favourable, they re-hydrate themselves and re-emerge. This is the first study to identify the genetic basis for this physiological process. To generate the cold-induced gene expression profile of springtails, researchers compared gene expression in groups of the animals exposed to different environmental conditions. In the African plains, in the riverbed, certain species of fish lay eggs which have extremely hard shell which can survive drought of up to two to three years and hatch when the conditions are favourable.
Without going into specifics, what this indicates is the innate intelligence built into cells and genes, where ordered structure and survival emerges in creation. This is one of the premises for a select band of individuals for promoting the ‘Creation by design’ concept as compared to the Darwinian evolution by natural selection. When seen in isolation some intelligent gene expressions seem unique but if we really look at all creation there is abundant intelligence coded into life process in the most intricate fashion.

The fairy tale and the scientific discovery have a common thread. All creations are intrinsically beautiful like Aurora and come with an unsullied consciousness symbolised by the baptism of Aurora and the accompaniment of good fairies. But the threat of the wicked influence starts at the birth of creation and is only mitigated by a deep slumber that becomes a mode of survival. This is the symbolism of withdrawal of all sensory influences. This is truly reflected in nature.

As Joseph Chilton Pearce, the famous neuro-cardiologist, says that fighting a cultural or established social norm would only feed the needed survival energy to the very evil we are fighting. A wiser method would be to establish a new level of consciousness in individuals. This group of individuals would start fuelling a new network of change agents.

Externally one would observe a harmless sleeping beauty but the internal spiritual drive is operative to evoke a new level of consciousness and wake up at the right moment and in a new environment.

Love to you all


  1. Dear TIB,

    You are really a deep thinking person in the way you have linked the expressions of our inner and outer sleeping beauty.

    I have a different theory on Intelligent Design and Evolution.

    According to my interpretation of Nasadiya Suktam, the whole world is driven by the desire of the one that existed before everything to discover itself (realize the SELF) by evolving into higher and higher forms of intelligence.

    Hence Darwin is right in theory of evolution. Intelligent Design is right in the sense that evolution is driven by His will.

    Here is a link to it. If you have time, pl. go thru and feedback.

  2. Dear TBT,

    Thanks for your appreciation.
    You are right in as much as that all theories, whether it be 'Intelligent Design' or 'Darwinian Evolution' or 'Neo-Darwinism', point to a segmented view. The integral and holistic view is that all that was, that is and that will be, is 'Nasadiya' which is pure consciousness.

    Kasmir Shaivism probably provides the closest explanation, in a written language, to manifested creation.
    I am doing a paper on this and will send you the link once it is up loaded.
    I read your article cited and being an intense subject I do not dare to comment on this subject.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I think this present text reflects the present worldwide state of affairs and steps the society in general can take to provide the healing touch.

    Your interpretation of the divine messages from spiritual masters like Krishna , Jesus , Buddha is wonderful and very enlightening and I think it is the only path which guarantees peace of mind and success if followed sincerely by individuals.



  4. Thank you Anuj.
    It is a lonely path for all of us but we have to find it.
    Your heart will lead you through divine grace.