Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Internal Navigator

“Your whole life has been a search for meaning, purpose, and completeness. You are aware of a sense within you that seemingly directs you as if it were a compass navigating your essence.This navigator gives you a sense of knowing; directing you away from the trappings of man’s religions and structured thinking. It is elusive to structural thinking. An in-between place that defies logic as humanity understands it. Your hidden senses tell you, that what your eyes see, and hands touch, is not all that there is. You look around in a distant way and then you listen deeply, breathe deeply, feel deeply and It is then that you know that there is a veil between you and some other place that holds an understanding to that which you are. Then, without seemingly knowing, you want, and need, to become one with IT. Do you remember?”

.......... “Handbook of the Navigator” by Eric J Pepin

A sense of purpose envelops all creation. If we look at nature, there is a simple code of adaptation, survival and perpetuation of the species. As the level of consciousness and as intelligence increases in creation, there is higher and more complex drive apart from the basic three modes we mentioned earlier. Man is the highest level of evolution.
Most of our actions, though seemingly are steered by the sensory inputs we receive, there is an innate
intelligence and storehouse of knowledge that we seem to tap into. Evolutionary structure of the brain has adapted to the higher needs. The neocortex is the newer portion of the cerebral cortex that serves as the center of higher mental functions for humans. The neocortex contains some 100 billion cells, each with 1,000 to 10,000 synapses (connections), and has roughly 100 million meters of wiring, all packed into a structure the size and thickness of a formal dinner napkin. The cells in the neocortex are arranged in six layers, within which different regions permit vision, hearing, touch, and the sense of balance, movement, emotional responses and every other feat of cognition. The brains evolution has an inbuilt capability for transcendence.

Man is continually evolving towards a higher state of consciousness.

As Sri Aurobindo says: “The mind spiritualized, purified, liberated, perfected within its own limits may come as near as possible to a faithful mental translation, but we shall find that this is after all a relative fidelity and an imperfect perfection. The mind by its very nature cannot render with an entirely right rightness or act in the unified completeness of the divine knowledge, will and Ananda because it is an instrument for dealing with the divisions of the finite on the basis of division, a secondary instrument therefore and a sort of delegate for the lower movement in which we live. The mind can reflect the Infinite, it can dissolve itself into it, it can live in it by a large passivity, it can take its suggestions and act them out in its own way, a way always fragmentary, derivative and subject to a greater or less deformation, but it cannot be itself the direct and perfect instrument of the infinite Spirit acting in its own knowledge. The divine Will and Wisdom organizing the action of the infinite consciousness and determining all things according to the truth of the spirit and the law of its manifestation is not mental but supramental and even in its formulation nearest to mind as much above the mental consciousness in its light and power as the mental consciousness of man above the vital mind of the lower creation. The question is how far the perfected human being can raise himself above mind, enter into some kind of fusing union with the supramental and build up in himself a level of supermind, a developed gnosis by the form and power of which the divine Shakti can directly act, not through a mental translation, but organically in her supramental nature.”
This is what Pepin says in common language “You look around in a distant way and then you listen deeply, breathe deeply, feel deeply and It is then that you know that there is a veil between you and some other place that holds an understanding to that which you are” The regions the veil divides are mental and the supramental.

Love to you all


  1. The search towards deeper and ultimate meaning of life seems possible only when the wordly needs are satisfied.Otherwise the search itself is viewed as a way to escape from the reality. Or if someone is able to pursue this search,despite whatever material condition,then he/she must have some element of supermental stuff.Or they must be some kind of incarnation.

  2. I can not agree with you on your statement that worldly needs are to be satisfied then only it is possible for one to seek the higher truth.
    The first three levels in Maslow's 'hierarchy of needs' are open ended and the limits can only be set by an individual. The action of divine grace is needed for wisdom to find a resting place in one's being. This can happen any time in one's life, through bakthi, karma or Jnana.

    Any search in the spiritual realm is not an escape from reality, as the search starts as a mental process but then the realization sets in as to the inadequacy of the mental process as Sri Aurobindo says.

    But the divinely incarnated are bestowed the gift of supramental insight from childhood. This is what is truly meant by being born of a virgin, through the Holy Spirit, in Christian scripture.

  3. Dear TIB,

    I think both Christy and you are right.

    As Christy says when human beings are concentrating on their daily struggles of lives, their focus is on living and evolution.

    But as u say due to Bhakti, Karma or jnana one may get initiated on this internal search even without their wilful planning.

    I think a concept of simple sacrifices would work well and guide us on this even while we are struggling in our daily lives.

    I wrote a speech for my daughter with a story found on the net on this.

    Here it is: