Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Identity of the Twin

The very first verse of the Gospel of Thomas goes as follows:

“These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down” And He said “Whoever finds the interpretations of these sayings will not experience death”

Almost all spiritual masters transmitted their deep insight through an oral tradition. Spontaneous dissemination which transcended space and time was their unique character. Jesus himself taught on the steps of the temple, in the field wheat as he was walking with the disciples and in the synagogue. Many scholars interpret ‘secret sayings’ as special messages that was delivered in secret to Thomas and they base their findings on one saying in the Gospel which says “….he took him, and withdrew, and spoke three sayings to him. When Thomas came back to his friends they asked him, “What did Jesus say to you?”………”. But Jesus spoke always to all the disciples as evident from the narration of the Gospels. His transmission was mainly intended for the disciples for he knew that he can not reach out to all the people and it required a well prepared mind to take in what he was saying. Therefore the ‘secret sayings’ has relevance to the capability of the recipient. It can be equated to a radio transmission which is broadcast to all but can be received only when the receiver is tuned to the frequency in which the transmission is broadcast. It is inner preparedness and state of grace that is necessary to fully grasp the meanings of the saying. This can be equated to the Zen Koans which on the face of it appears to be meaningless but on deeper examination reveals subtle meaning.

The next emphasis is on ‘living Jesus’. Why does Thomas pronounce the aliveness of Jesus while the words are spoken? Tau Malachi, the modern Jewish mystic says: “the living Yeshua is speaking in secret within and behind your heart”. This is not a historic event when Jesus spoke certain words to his disciples but a present occurrence that takes place in all seeking souls which live in perennial Christ (divine) consciousness. In divine consciousness the physical name and form is transcended and physical existence or death becomes meaningless. It is the all pervading spirit that operates and as the spirit is immortal the consciousness in which it is operating imparts an immortal attribute to the source of this knowledge as well as to the recipient, hence the words 'living Jesus' and 'Whoever finds the interpretations of these sayings will not experience death'.

Underlying all the above analysis is the subtle message built into the very first verse. The final author of the sayings of Yeshua is Didymos Judas Thomas. Didymos in Greek and Thoma in Aramaic mean twin. If you have to write down the sayings of Yeshua in your heart and live by it, you also have to become the twin. The twin of Yeshua means you also become one with the Father. The double emphasis of the nature of the twin reveals a state “as above so below and as without so within”

Love to you all


  1. Dear Barnabus,
    This is an excellent piece that pieces together the concept of twins; so very meaningful.
    The deeply spiritual sayings are invariably clothed in pithy aphorisms so that it is recieved only by the intended reciepient, and not to an uninitiated one, which can be otherwise dangerous.

  2. Dear Bhaskar,
    Thanks for your insightful response.