Sunday, June 28, 2009

Language of Nature

Therefore the greatest understanding lies in the signature, wherein man (viz. the image of the greatest virtue) may not only learn to know himself, but therein also he may learn to know the essence of all essences; for by the external form of all creatures, by their instigation, inclination and desire, also by their sound, voice, and speech which they utter, the hidden spirit is known; for nature has given to everything its language according to its essence and form, for out of the essence the language or sound arises, and the fiat of that essence forms the quality of the essence in the voice or virtue which it sends forth, to the animals in the sound, and to the essentials in smell, virtue, and form.
...... Jacob Boehme

During the tsunami of 2004 not one animal in the wild was killed. They seemed to have a mode of communication and perception of the danger. If we study the Empire Penguins of the Antarctic, after feeding for two weeks in the sea, the returning females can pick up its mate in a colony of over ten thousand birds. Dogs know exactly when the master is returning home.
Nature behaves in a very connected way. They are able to read hidden patterns in magnetic energy fields, minute changes in gravity and many other parameters to which we have become insensitive. They seem to operate in their everyday life on a broader blueprint of existence which is now called ‘Morphic field’. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, the Cambridge plant biologist, was the major proponent of this concept, through his Hypothesis of Formative Causation in the early 1980s. It is described as consisting of patterns that govern the development of forms, structures and arrangements.
In his book “Dogs that Know When Their Owners are Coming Home, and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals (1999)”, Dr. Sheldrake analyses many case studies involving animals that go to provide unassailable proof of the heightened perception and communication in animals.

Why has man lost this ability in his evolved consciousness? This is mainly due to the rational mind dominated perception of reality. We fragment all our perceptions in a series of logical and sequential steps and reconstruct a reality. The cut and pasting process, in the structuring of reality, uses the glue of ego dominated and heavily altered consciousness. The moment we withdraw from the rational thought process and intuitively look for, as Jacob Boehme says, signatures in our awakened consciousness, a new reality becomes manifest. The native cultures and tribes had this capability as they lived very close to nature.

Let us listen to the language of nature through an intuitive journey into the very core of being.

Love to you all


  1. Well said. Excellent article. The moment we withdraw the "EGO" and start living with nature, the "Intuitiveness" will come to us. Animals needs are very less. If we start that practice also, intuitiveness may come!
    Prabha Ram

  2. Uncle,
    this is kavitha, hope you and aunty enjoyed your trip. I keep reading all your articles regulary. I wonder how you could post articles beyond place & time. Diya keeps searching for you everyday.

  3. Prabha! very well put. Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Kavitha, we are back in Chennai today morning and will see you & Diya tonight. Thanks for your appreciation.

  5. I was touched by the words “we have become insensitive to the voice of
    nature”. The rational thinking of course has made us incomplete, closed
    and rigid. I wonder if we could ever undo the damages caused. We have
    created structures to reinforce such limitations. Tagore brings this
    out very aptly in Gitanjali. “prisoner tell me who has made such
    unbreakable chains? It’s I who made it.”


  6. Thanks Subadra!
    Very well captured through the lines of Tagore. It is a waste of energy attacking or rectifying structures. It is only through a transcended level of highre consciousness, by seeking individuals, that we can build a community of change agents.