Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beauty Beyond Being

That, beautiful beyond being, is said to be Beauty – for
It gives beauty from itself in a manner appropriate to each,
It causes the consonance and splendour of all,
It flashes forth upon all, after the manner of light, the
Beauty producing gifts of its flowing ray,
It call to itself,
When it is called beauty.

The above words are classical expression of the sense of beauty in early western mystical tradition by Pseudo-Dionysius in his book ‘The Divine Names’.
St. Augustine testifies to the permanence and eternity of beauty when he writes: ‘Too late came I to love thee! Beauty ever ancient, ever new, too late came I to love thee’.

Human gaze is not a fixed view but of creative and constructive quality through which we perceive every object for its intrinsic as well as extrinsic value. The way we look at things has a great influence on what becomes visible to us. If a house has been closed for a long time then a film of dust settles down on the windows. Decayed residue gradually blocks out all the light. The same happens to the human mind. The moment it is locked up in straight-jacketed thinking based on socio-religious judgemental values, the light of divine wisdom gets blocked out. The beauty of creation and what lays in the inner most depths of manifestation becomes obscured.

Here the words of Dionysius can be appreciated. True beauty lies beyond the perceived qualities and aesthetic assessments of the mind operating in the domain of being.
For example when we look at a Galaxy we see what our eyes are able to comprehend. Therefore we have a limitation in seeing the spectrum of colours but for someone who can see in the infrared and ultraviolet, the picture is grander and evokes a sense of awe. The true manifestation to be appreciated must have an observer who can have attributes far exceeding those that is being observed. This will lead to a harmonious reception in the senses without any attenuation. This is the reason Dionysius observes that ‘It causes the consonance and splendour...’.

There is an uncanny symmetry between the outer and the inner world of man. All restrictive qualities of the mind driven by our evolved consciousness hinder the observation of true inner beauty. When we are able to liberate ourselves from the grid lock of time and memory, we can experience the ‘beauty beyond being’. This is the reason that Meister Eckhart, the great German mystic says: ‘Time makes us old. Eternity keeps us young’.

Love to you all


  1. Spiritual inspiration is the way to eternity which will enable us to comprehend the nature better

  2. Pramod, Thanks for your comment.

  3. Thank you for your fascinating site, Tib; and what a lot of work it must represent!
    Someone I once knew (who had trained with C.G. Jung) talked to me about God's loneliness at not being understood. I had never imagined that there was a place where one could think in such a way. It took me years to understand what she had said. But as your contents say God is also embedded within; we overlap each other in our mutual needs and duties.

  4. Thank you Richard,
    Today we have a better understanding of the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas, wherein He says: "The kingdom of God is within you and outside of you"
    All of the cosmos is permeated with, what scientist call “Zero point field". This is the field of energy from which all matter from sub-atomic particle to Galaxies evolve. This is what Jung called "universal unconsciousness" or Buddha called "Sunyata".
    The best definition of God is the totality of this field.