Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fire in the Heart

Ah, once more he put a fire in me,
And once more this crazy heart
is craving the open plains.
This ocean of love breaks into another wave
And blood pours from my heart
in all directions.

Ah, one spark flew
and burned the house of my heart.
Smoke filled the sky.
The flames grew fierce in the wind.

The fire of the heart is not easily lit.
So don’t cry out: “O Lord, rescue me
from the burning flames!
Spare me from the army of thoughts
that is marching through my mind!”
…………. Jallaudin Rumi

The fire in the heart is not easily lit. This is the process of constant inward cleansing and powering the Chakra energy to rise from the base level and realize its union with the cosmic energy descending from the crown Chakra. The Hebrew word for ‘blessing’ is defined by Sigmund Mowinckel as a ‘power’. Divine blessing is the power of the flesh and the spirit in perfect balance.

This is the reason that the ‘Anahata (heart) Chakra’ is represented by a yantra of two inverted triangles, the Star of David. The cosmic downward flow and the human aspiration or love for union rising upward for a perfect union.
This union is not an act of culmination but a step in the process of continuous creation through its outpouring as beautifully captured by Rumi as “This Ocean of love breaks into another wave, And blood pours from my heart in all directions.”

Rumi also gives us the way to achieve this stage of spiritual development by imploring the divine to “Spare me from the army of thoughts that is marching through my mind!”
Stilling the mind and focusing on this inward journey of the blessings of the flesh and the power of the residing cosmic energy, sets the stage for igniting this powerful spark of creative love which is life affirming.

Love to you all


  1. I read the blog. It sounds wonderful and intriguing at the same time.The fire in the heart is explained as though its a mere act of an individual,the target being the chakras existing within oneself.What does this fire mean to those people suffering in srilanka or elsewhere with nothing but a bleak future to look forward? I do feel spirituality needs to be intertwined with social realities so that it becomes real.I also feel those of us who search for the true spirituality can never be indifferent to the earthly realities.

  2. Christy, Thanks for your comment.
    This post addresses empowerment of individuals who seek authentic spirituality. According to vedic philosophy the karma of one's self is an integral process of previous lives and like the gold being puified through a number of intense heating in fire, every Atma has to go through purification. The classical Biblical example is the story of Job.
    Spirituality is in the dimension of the self while social good or evil is in the domain of the collective consciousness. Collective consciousness can not be elevated to a higher level unless each individual consciousness is lifted to a higher level through seeking authentic spirituality.
    All the posts in my blog addresses the empowerment of the individual spirit.
    The reason why so much is talked about spirituality and not religion today is because individual cosciousness has degraded through rational thinking, greed for power & money etc. All social evils can be traced to this source.
    Hence the way forward for eradicating social evil is to empower all elements of society towards a new thinking.