Sunday, April 19, 2009

Power of the Unmanifest

In his book “Indian Myth and Legend” by Donald A. Mackenzie page 273, the visit of Duryodhana and Arjuna to Lord Krishna requesting his assistance in the battle of Kurukshetra is enumerated in the following words:

“After Krishna had returned home, he was visited by Duryodhana and Arjuna, for both parties desired greatly his help in the war. He spoke to the rival kinsmen and said: “Behold, I stand before you as in the balance; I have put myself on one side, and all my army is on the other. Choose now between you whether you desire me or my forces. I shall not fight, but will give advice in battle.”
Then Duryodhana asked for the army, but Arjuna preferred to have Krishna alone. And Krishna promised to be Arjuna's charioteer.”

This reported incident has a powerful spiritual message. We all understand that the war of Kurukshetra is the symbolism of battle of the two opposing forces of evil and good in the field of Dharmashektra in every human being. God is never partial to even the most besotted and evil individual. He offers himself to all individuals, irrespective of their state of purity or goodness. It is only we who choose what we want. We always prefer the manifested resources, in the guise of God given gifts, but always, in our selfishness, distort their intrinsic value through our usage. The army of Lord Krishna are the wonderful gifts that we receive through nature and our living environment and the social milieu of parents, teachers and so many other wonderful people we come across in our lives. We concentrate only on the exterior value, as Duryodhana thought of the army of Lord Krishna only as fighting implement reduced to a low value through his own human manipulation.

The glaring difference is the request of Arjuna. He desires nothing but the Lord himself. He is able to understand that human council is limited and though Lord Krishna says “I shall not fight, but will give advice in battle”, Arjuna prefers the ultimate weapon which is cosmic in proportion. The power of the manifest and the unmanifest were never really understood except through mystical experience till recently.

Today Astrophysicist have found out that the so called ‘Vacuum Energy’ (Unmanifest yet pervading the entire universe) has a density of 1087 (Ten followed by 87 zeros) tons per cubic centimetre. It has enough power to decimate and cleanse entire creation but is held in check through a very fine balance as explained by Lord Krishna. The manifest consciousness is infinitesimal compared to the Cosmic consciousness. This is the Punamadha (fullness) from which we can enrich and direct our intellect or consciousness (Purnamidam).

This is the symbolism of Lord Krishna as the charioteer guiding our individual consciousness which resides in our mind-body construct, the horse driven chariot.

(For those of you who want a detail reference to Vacuum Energy density study please visit: )

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  1. This TIBS, is an immensely satisfying piece of work in that it lends credence to the energy of the Unmanifest, Purnamadha, Purnamidam, that is, even if you were to take the whole out of the whole, yet the whole is left behind, just as you would have infinity minus infinity equalling infinity. Science seems to echo that knowledge yet unbelievable; it will not be so now.

  2. Yes Bhaskar, the more one delves into science in its most fundamental level, one finds that the answers do not lie in that domain but in the spirit, which had been revealed by the great seers & sages in the sacred scriptures.
    Realising this and seeing the beauty of God, in the flux of the Quantum world in the inner most kernal of one's soul, is eternal bliss.
    Love to you & blessings.