Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hymn of the Pearl

In the “Act of Thomas” an second century Syrian Christian document, there is a beautiful poem called the “hymn of the Pearl”. Though the poem appears to be a story it contains a deeper meaning.

I wanted to share with you one passage which is very much relevant to our lives today.

"From your father, the king of kings,
And your mother, the governor of the East,
And from your brother, our second in command,
To you, our son, who is in Egypt, peace.
Awake and arise from your sleep,
And hear the words of our letter.
Remember that you are a son of kings,
Consider the slavery you are serving.
Remember the pearl,
On account of which you were sent to Egypt.
Think of your glorious garment,
Remember your splendid toga,
Which you will put on and wear
When your name is called out from the book of the combatants (athletes).
And with your brother, our viceroy,
With him, you will be in our kingdom."

Every human being is the son of the Divine, the King of Kings. The slavery is to the worldly desires and on this earth we wear the soiled garment of the earthly body. We are in a state of slumber and God, the King of Kings, sends His letter to remind us that we were sent to recover the pearl of wisdom which was guarded by the serpent from Egypt. The deep Gnostic symbolism is apparent here. In Gnostic scripture the serpent was the revealer of wisdom and Egypt as against Jerusalem was the place of divine wisdom (refer to my article on “pleroma and Sunyata”).
The glorious garment and toga are the spiritual body about which St. Paul speaks in Epistle to the Corinthians. The brother that is referred is Jesus or Buddha or Krishna or any of the enlightened souls which had attained Divine Bliss without the contamination of worldly attachments.

This is our true calling.
For those of you who wants to read the whole poem you can read or download from:
Love to you all


  1. The whole point of an invocation is to invite something that one feels does not exist yet and is much needed. The poem is relevant to such a time when it was needed most when wisdom and divinity was rare and won with much effort and consciousness. I feel that such is not the case now and we move in a time and space period where both are very available and only an opening of spirit and mind and heart are required for wisdom and grace to come through. God made all things, even the material and for reason we live in a body with a short memory to who we truly are; our soul consciousness. There is something to think about why it all exists if we are to believe that the divine makes no mistakes!!

  2. Thanks for your feedback. You are spot on in your observation that we suffer from the an amnesia of our true nature.
    This has been and still is the malady of the human mind which gets locked into the sense consciousness rather than evolve towards a superior consciousness. All that exists is part of the cosmic or divine plan but we fail to realize where it all fits.