Sunday, January 25, 2009

Manna from Heaven

“Living creatures are nourished by food,
And food is nourished by rain;
Rain itself is the water of life,
Which comes from selfless worship and service”
….. Bhagavad-Gita Ch 3:14

The intimate relation that exhibits itself in natural order is available to the one who has a broader vision. This vision is transcendence from the physical and limited view to the understanding of a deeper essence of that which holds together all things.

We all can easily understand the relationship that the scripture brings out in the first three lines namely; the food, rain and water of life but the relation to selfless worship and service is difficult to understand. Selfless worship and service are a devotion and caring love that we place on all other entities other than the self which are so essential in our very survival. This is a cosmic relationship and an integral approach to the web of life. Life cannot be sustained if only we have food and water. There is an implied relation to the Earth, the air and the energy we receive from the Sun. Extrapolating the relationship we can extend the primal source to a cosmic level. Once we realize this we become responsible in our own bodily nourishment. We come to know the fine balance that needs to be maintained in the whole eco-system. This mind set leads to a healthy body as the mental plane is the nurturing field of our deeper consciousness which in turn is the engine of life force within the body.

Eknath Easwaran in his commentary on the Gita “End of Sorrow” page 165 says the reason we fail to see the broader picture can be compared to the elephant which does not know its size as it has very limited vision and looks out into the world through extremely tiny eyes which is ridiculously small for its size. So also man does not know his divine potential as his spiritual vision is extremely narrow.

It is not only food in its material form but the food for thought that we need to imbibe is that by our deeper understanding of man and his place in the cosmic order, holistic nourishment is fundamentally at a consciousness level.

This is the Manna from heaven.

Love to you all


  1. This relationship, TIB, as propunded in the Gita, has been a favourite series of shlokas for me on which I still reflect, and find how we all are One Cosmic Organ.
    Beautiful presentaion as always.


  2. Thank you Bhaskar!
    I could sense that I was going to get a comment from you as many of your own insights into the Gita has been a great inspiration for me. I still remember our dialogue on 'nishkakarma'