Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holy Trinity in action in Nature

Usually the trinitarian aspect is assigned to God in many religions and even in Buddhism which is deemed agnostic, the three elements of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are invoked as vital to realizing Bodhisattva .The creative, sustaining and the transformative elements of cosmic manifestations are deified in the Trinitarian theology.
But research is now showing glimpses of the Trinitarian relationship in such lowly creation such as the mosquito.
“Cornell entomologists have discovered that male and female mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti), which can spread such diseases as yellow and dengue fevers, "interact acoustically with each other when the two are within earshot -- a few centimetres of each other," said Ron Hoy, professor of neurobiology and behaviour."The frequency at which males and females converge is a harmonic or multiple of their wing-beat frequencies, which is approximately 400 hertz [vibrations per second] for the female and 600 hertz for the male," said Hoy.
The mating duet, generated just before the couple mates on the fly, settles at around 1,200 hertz -- roughly an octave and a half above concert A (the pitch to which instruments are tuned -- the A that has a frequency of 440 hertz and is above middle C). "That is significantly higher than what was previously thought to be mosquitoes' upper hearing limit," he added.
Interestingly, the mosquitoes adjust the harmonic resonance of their thoracic box to produce a harmonic frequency that converges at a frequency that is the female's third harmonic (three times her fundamental frequency) and the male's second harmonic (two times his fundamental frequency).” Reference:

The female principle is the creative wisdom which is the fundamental ingredient (the base frequency) of the entire cosmos.

These revelations point to the cosmic intelligence at play.

Love to you all


  1. I used to wonder about science, especially branch Physics, which helps us to understand many revelations convincingly, which might otherwise remained abstract to many minds.

  2. Thanks for your feedback.
    Science, if it does not elevate humans to a higher level of cosciousness, remains only an abstract intellectual exercise.
    This is the reason that great scientist such as Einstein had a very high spiritual straek to their sayings and belief.