Sunday, January 25, 2009

Manna from Heaven

“Living creatures are nourished by food,
And food is nourished by rain;
Rain itself is the water of life,
Which comes from selfless worship and service”
….. Bhagavad-Gita Ch 3:14

The intimate relation that exhibits itself in natural order is available to the one who has a broader vision. This vision is transcendence from the physical and limited view to the understanding of a deeper essence of that which holds together all things.

We all can easily understand the relationship that the scripture brings out in the first three lines namely; the food, rain and water of life but the relation to selfless worship and service is difficult to understand. Selfless worship and service are a devotion and caring love that we place on all other entities other than the self which are so essential in our very survival. This is a cosmic relationship and an integral approach to the web of life. Life cannot be sustained if only we have food and water. There is an implied relation to the Earth, the air and the energy we receive from the Sun. Extrapolating the relationship we can extend the primal source to a cosmic level. Once we realize this we become responsible in our own bodily nourishment. We come to know the fine balance that needs to be maintained in the whole eco-system. This mind set leads to a healthy body as the mental plane is the nurturing field of our deeper consciousness which in turn is the engine of life force within the body.

Eknath Easwaran in his commentary on the Gita “End of Sorrow” page 165 says the reason we fail to see the broader picture can be compared to the elephant which does not know its size as it has very limited vision and looks out into the world through extremely tiny eyes which is ridiculously small for its size. So also man does not know his divine potential as his spiritual vision is extremely narrow.

It is not only food in its material form but the food for thought that we need to imbibe is that by our deeper understanding of man and his place in the cosmic order, holistic nourishment is fundamentally at a consciousness level.

This is the Manna from heaven.

Love to you all

Friday, January 16, 2009

Eliminating Your Persona

Today a burning issue with respect to spiritual education is the lack of freedom at an individual level. As one who embarks on the path of truth from early childhood, every seeker encounters teachers, parents and social conditioning which continuously modify and shape One’s mental makeup. There is no freedom of thought leave alone expression.

An insight that was shared by Jung, who was also interested in a very deep sense of freedom, can be expressed as follows; Jung put the activity of differentiation at the foundation of this deep freedom and ultimate human realisation. For Jung, differentiation was an ending of identification. He felt a person needed to stop identifying with his culture, nation, family and even with himself in the sense of ceasing to identify with his persona or constructed image of himself. (Persona comes from the Latin word 'persona' which means mask, character or personality.) This is not a cold and heartless distancing that some might imagine, but a stripping away of the accretions of identity accumulated from infancy onwards, so that the unique (what others might call ‘self’) can be discovered.

It happens that we all come into realisation of our conditioned existence only in our adult life after sufficient damage has been inflicted. For full empowerment of individuals, seeking spiritual awakening, it is essential to provide an ambience of total freedom and knowledge base for igniting an internal drive which will strip away all aggregated layers of modification of the psyche. Religion or even organised initiatives are not designed to play this empowering role. Hence it is through holistic education that this freedom can be achieved.

The act of eradicating your persona must reach to the very primal stage of absolute nakedness.
This is the reason that with the acquisition of the very first intake of corrupting knowledge or donning of the first mask, Adam and Eve discovered their physical nakedness.
In the Gospel of Thomas, when the disciples ask Jesus, "When will you appear to us, and when will we see you?"
Jesus said, "When you strip without being ashamed, and you take your clothes and put them under your feet like little children and trample then, then [you] will see the son of the living one and you will not be afraid." …Saying 37

Only this utter striping away can elevate us to the consciousness of our primal, divine nature.

Love to you all

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holy Trinity in action in Nature

Usually the trinitarian aspect is assigned to God in many religions and even in Buddhism which is deemed agnostic, the three elements of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are invoked as vital to realizing Bodhisattva .The creative, sustaining and the transformative elements of cosmic manifestations are deified in the Trinitarian theology.
But research is now showing glimpses of the Trinitarian relationship in such lowly creation such as the mosquito.
“Cornell entomologists have discovered that male and female mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti), which can spread such diseases as yellow and dengue fevers, "interact acoustically with each other when the two are within earshot -- a few centimetres of each other," said Ron Hoy, professor of neurobiology and behaviour."The frequency at which males and females converge is a harmonic or multiple of their wing-beat frequencies, which is approximately 400 hertz [vibrations per second] for the female and 600 hertz for the male," said Hoy.
The mating duet, generated just before the couple mates on the fly, settles at around 1,200 hertz -- roughly an octave and a half above concert A (the pitch to which instruments are tuned -- the A that has a frequency of 440 hertz and is above middle C). "That is significantly higher than what was previously thought to be mosquitoes' upper hearing limit," he added.
Interestingly, the mosquitoes adjust the harmonic resonance of their thoracic box to produce a harmonic frequency that converges at a frequency that is the female's third harmonic (three times her fundamental frequency) and the male's second harmonic (two times his fundamental frequency).” Reference:

The female principle is the creative wisdom which is the fundamental ingredient (the base frequency) of the entire cosmos.

These revelations point to the cosmic intelligence at play.

Love to you all

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Alchemy – A Spiritual Insight

THERE was a rich man who found his gold suddenly transformed into ashes; and he took to his bed and refused all food. A friend, hearing of his sickness, visited the rich man and learned the cause of his grief. And the friend said: "You did not make good use of your wealth. When you hoarded it up it was not better than ashes. Now heed my advice. Spread mats in the bazaar; pile up these ashes, and pretend to trade with them." The rich man did as his friend had told him, and when his neighbours asked him, "Why are you selling ashes?" he said: "I offer my goods for sale."

After some time a young girl, named Kisa Gotami, an orphan and very poor, passed by, and seeing the rich man in the bazaar, said: "My lord, why do you pile up gold and silver for sale?" And the rich man said: "Will you please hand me that gold and silver?" And Kisa Gotami took up a handful of ashes, and lo! they changed back into gold. Considering that Kisa Gotami had the mental eye of spiritual knowledge and saw the real worth of things, the rich man gave her in marriage to his son, and he said: "With many, gold is no better than ashes, but with Kisa Gotami ashes become pure gold."

This the story from the “Mustard seed” section of the Buddhist Gospel compiled from ancient documents by Paul Carus. It is a simple but beautiful story.

There are two clear messages that emerge from this episode.

The first is the human tendency to hoard whatever we possess. In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 25:14-30, there is a story told by Jesus who highlights God’s wrath upon those who hoard all the talents and gifts which they receive when they come into this world. The Buddha also gives this message in the first part of the story. Whatever we receive, both as innate gifts such as intelligence and irrefutable and timeless values and what we acquire through our capabilities such as knowledge and wealth, they must be put to good use of the entire creation.

This is the unwritten law of cosmic order and hence the code by which our Karma is governed.
We should be the channel through which all must flow and it is not ours to keep. Stagnation leads to distortion of natural order. You can see this happening in nature. If we dam a river then the river backs up and overflows the banks and destroys all the habitation and crops that depended on the river.

The second message we receive is about how one should develop an insight to look beyond surface realities. It was the spiritual insight that Kisa Gotami used in understanding that what she saw in front of her was gold and silver. Here the capacity to move away from the present reality to a past state and thus eliminate the concept of time from a space-time continuum is the inner attribute of an enlightened soul. This is because if you can move away from a time based knowledge you can move to the very source from which all emanations took place. That is a reality which is without any modification, pure and everlasting.
This is the true alchemy which the Gnostic talked about and sought after and not a physical conversion of base elements into gold.

Love to you all