Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mystic River

Flowing serenely through the wooded vale,
I chanced upon you as I broke free,
From the thicket and bramble that impale,
This tortured body, a wanderer on this lea.

I have, in my sojourn, many a river seen,
But you have the exhilarating quality to convey,
As the dawn which from darkness light wean,
A lustrous texture reflecting your laminar way.

As a trickling spring, a subterranean source,
You began your life, an unhindered course,
Many rivulets supplementing this vast concourse,
Thundering in ever increasing flow; a mighty force.

Potency bestowed to invigorate or mutate,
Magic fodder to the grain nourishment brought,
Even the mighty land and Pharaoh you subjugate,
You are my life’s inspiration, I earnestly sought.

Love to you all

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