Thursday, November 20, 2008

Biology of Belief

Look at the beauty and innocence of the young girl in the picture. She is a portrait of health, vitality and purity.

I have just completed reading a wonderful book ‘Biology of Belief’ by Dr. Bruce Lipton, a leading Cell Biologist from Stanford University. He quotes Mahatma Gandhi:

Your beliefs become your thoughts
Your thoughts become your words
Your words become your actions
Your actions become your habits
Your habits become your values
Your values become your destiny

This is to bring to our attention the level of effect that belief can have on one’s health.
This is not only true for the high level of success with placebos in medicine where sugar pills can cure incurable diseases but also in case of Osteoarthritis knee surgery.

The example he sites is the case of Bayler School of Medicine study published in 2002, where Dr. Bryce Moseley conducted ‘fake’ surgery on a group of patients, through the regular procedure of making three incisions and doing the salt water splash to simulate the sound of knee washing procedure and sewed up the incisions without any invasive procedure being carried out.
The patients were on regular post operative routine and were told to start their physiotherapy during convalescence. The results were shocking. The success rate of the ‘fake’ surgery was as good as the regular surgery and even one elderly patient went on to play regular basketball.

The book has many other case histories and drug research findings to substantiate the level of effect belief can have on our health. This belief has to come not only from our waking consciousness but also from our subconscious mind. This is the reason that Buddhist "Mindfulness meditation" is an effective tool for not only our spiritual but also our physical wellbeing.

This is also reflected in the miraculous healings that Jesus carries out. While Jesus acts as the medium of channelling the divine energy that pervades the cosmos to a particular recipient, he asks "Do you believe" and always says your faith has healed you. When the disciples doubt his powers he says "…… Oh ye of little faith"

May the power of belief heal us all.


  1. This is simply brilliant, which I so enjoyed.

  2. Thanks Bhaskar, I am sure you will enjoy reading this book.

  3. Healing by Faith is a wonderful experience. I witnessed it.
    It was in the year 1976. My neighbor and colleague - a poor lady with two kids was suffering form a strange health problem. Her alimentary canal in the thorax region was shrinking day by day. Finally a stage has come, that even a cooked rice grain can’t pass the region. She was living only on fruit juices then. Finally she was admitted in ESI hospital. I took the help of my relative doctor professor, to see whether any thing can be done. He analyzed her X ray, which clearly shows her alimentary canal has already come to the size of an ordinary sewing thread. He said no treatment available (then) but mental power might help her to recover, that too chances are very less. She went to one of the ‘Dhyana Kendra’ known for spiritual healing by prayers. Result was wonderful. She came back for job and even now working with out that problem. I am convinced that, it is nothing but ardent faith, which has helped my friend to recover from a critical stage. A true example on ones belief transforming in to destiny.

  4. Pramod! A fantastic episode and proof that we are not mere assembly of chemicals. Thanks for the endorsement.