Monday, October 20, 2008

Spiritual Transit

Return from existence to non-existence!
You are seeking the Lord and you belong to him.
Non-existence is a place of income;
Flee it not! This existence of more or less
Is a place of expenditure.

………. Jallauddin Rumi

Today we are witnessing a global turmoil in the financial market arena. What had seemed to be an unshakable revenue generator lies in shambles. The future looks bleak and we need an apocryphal and yet believable forecast to induce hope in the feeble heart that now beats in the dying embers of the stock market.

Have we placed too much hope on the concept of having? The answer is definitely yes. This is where the wise words of Rumi came to my mind, when he calls our life “…This existence of more or less is a place of expenditure”.

There are two distinctions to be made to the word 'existence'. The first distinction is that there are other existences possible and next, in Rumi's words 'this existence' means a life of existing in the purely physical realm. This is what most of us do. We are so involved in material well being whether it be our body or the comforts we surround ourselves with under a false pretext of an illusionary satisfaction which inevitably is very short lived. When this phase of temporary pleasure comes to an end there appears a false vacuum which becomes the tool for aggregation of more material and physical comforts. Man is caught in this ever expanding spiral of vacuum that sucks out his true being and leaves him with a sense of despondency and loss. So in the wise words of Rumi, you are expending all the, God given, creative energy in such existence. This is equivalent to having not only expenditure but also a negative cash flow. A negative cash flow or empowering energy crunch, results in us borrowing at a damaging interest rate from scrupulous markets or sourcing from elements dealing in devious energies.
On the contrary if we live a life of conscious presence of our true reality, as an entity that belongs fundamentally to the very source that came from non-existence, we become the conduit of that energy flow. We are then not only in the income mode but in a positive cash flow situation. We become the giver of life.

Love to you all

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  1. The word‘Wisdom’ as understood earlier in its right sense is misued or replaced with so many words with different dimensions. When these ‘trials’ are in tried out, some times we end up with total collapse of system which we considered as robust. Later we realize that, it was only an illusion. Recovery system suggested may lead to another disaster.