Friday, August 1, 2008

Lessons from the Lotus

It is the rainy season.
There is a spurt of life and the backwaters of Kerala have a luscious growth of lotus this year.
Like the rain drops on the lotus leaf, all that one gathers in this life whether it be wealth, health or knowledge they should glide off the self to the source from where they came, which is the feet of the divine or the plenum of the cosmos.
But while they transit the custodian during the brief period of terrestrial life they should reflect the glory of divinity in each one and that is the purpose for which every blessing is bestowed upon all creation.
Meditate upon the rain drops as they act like a lens and amplify the very fine structure of the lotus leaf. So also the purpose of every blessing is to illumine the inner core, the Atman.

As the great Buddha says that all his teachings can be summarized in the following words:
"Nothing should be clung to as I, me or mine".
Does not the Lotus leaf teach us this profound wisdom?

Love to you all


  1. A very fine post.
    Very apt in this age of consumerism where success is measured by the extent of possessions.

    Spiritseeker - A Spark member

  2. We can always look at nature for better understanding on life. Nature has provided wonderful examples before us.
    Wave reflection is one phenomenon in which we can achieve high degree of efficiency by using appropriate tools.
    It would be meaningful, only when we do it along with glorification to the divinity who is the cause for it.

    A Spark Member

  3. An apt beginning to an endless journey, an image to provide a moment of reflection can in fact stay with you forever.

    Thank you

  4. Thank you Alex.
    It is the first post with which I began my spiritually empowering blog back in August 2008.
    Your comment is like a refreshing rain for a parched land.